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Jasline Vegas

Images of product cycle roadmap

Agile Product & Project Management

In app and web development, I blend creativity and functionality, crafting user-centric interfaces. With expertise in notion, Jira, and Agile management, I lead planning, iteration, and roadmap refinement. Through user experience research, I shape wireframes to breathe life into concepts. Navigating sprints and backlog refinement, I ensure alignment with user needs, driving innovation in digital landscapes.
Images of website design through Figma

UI/ UX Design, Development & Research

Specializing in UI/UX design, I excel in crafting intuitive interfaces using Figma, Miro, Wix, WordPress, and Adobe. My expertise extends to UX research, where I analyze user insights to inform design decisions. With a focus on usability and aesthetics, I create seamless digital experiences that captivate audiences and drive engagement.
images of graphs and charts on a screen

Data Analytics

Experienced in data analytics, I harness Python, SQL, and Excel to extract insights and craft compelling visuals. Proficient in AI/ML learning, I develop predictive models to drive informed decisions. With expertise in data visualization, I communicate trends effectively, empowering organizations to thrive in a data-driven world.
Cartoon woman developer working

Software Engineering- Front End

Experienced in front-end development, I proficiently wield VS Code and GitHub for seamless collaboration. With expertise in Vanilla JavaScript and React.js, I craft dynamic and responsive user interfaces. Harnessing Node.js, I integrate APIs seamlessly for enhanced functionality. Fluent in HTML and CSS, I sculpt polished web experiences. Additionally, my proficiency extends to WordPress, where I design and customize engaging websites.